FORWARD TO THE PAST!….According to The Hill, Republicans have decided that the best way to get around the transition costs of Social Security privatization is to pretend they don’t exist. Rep. Bob Matsui (D-Calif.) is puzzled:

?I?ve never even contemplated that anyone would come up with an idea like this,? Matsui said. ?The whole idea and purpose of a budget and expenditures and revenues is to have an accurate accounting of where the federal government is in terms of fiscal policy and in terms of the overall economy. To take off $2 trillion and to say it doesn?t really exist because it?s a future debt, it really distorts the whole budget process.?

Bob, Bob, Bob, that’s just such a….Clintonian view of what the budget is for. Accurate accounting? Fiscal policy? Overall economy? Puh-leeze.

In today’s world, the budget is a dynamic document. It’s an actuarial document. It’s a big picture document. And if the president says that transition costs aren’t really costs, then that’s the way it is. I’m sure the Bank of China is on board with this, so why aren’t you?

Next up: it’s back to the gold standard, the only real basis for a sound economy! I swear, it’s the only thing left in the crackpot agenda they haven’t tried yet.

UPDATE: As usual, I see that The Onion has beat me to this. It’s hard to keep up with those guys.

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