CLOSE VOTES….So how do Republicans feels when they’re on the losing end of a close vote? Let’s listen in:

Republican Dino Rossi on Wednesday urged his Democratic rival in the closest governor’s race in state history to join him in calling for another vote.

“The uncertainty surrounding this election process isn’t just bad for you and me ? it is bad for the entire state,” Rossi said, reading from a letter he said he sent to Democrat Christine Gregoire. “People need to know for sure that the next governor actually won the election.”

….Rossi made his plea for a revote, which would have to be approved by the state Legislature, during a news conference. “A revote would be the best solution for the people of our state, and would give us a legitimate governorship,” his letter said.

That’s interesting: I don’t recall any Republicans feeling that way about Florida four years ago. Funny how that works.