STUDYING WAR NO MORE?….A couple of days ago I wondered if Fred Kagan and Andrew Sullivan ? both of whom have been critical of Donald Rumsfeld for committing too few troops to Iraq ? would have supported delaying the war in order to increase troop strength. I didn’t really expect an answer, but Sullivan at least appears to think that he would have if he’d understood what was really happening:

I’d say it’s obvious that Shinseki was correct [in saying we needed more troops]. Should we have gone to war under the circumstances then prevailing? Probably not. Given the lack of urgency with regard to Saddam’s WMDs (yes, this is hindsight, but so is all of this), we obviously should have waited.

This appears to be a nearly complete turnaround. He tacitly acknowledges that George Bush exaggerated the WMD threat and says it’s now “obvious” that we should have delayed the war.

Under the circumstances, I think he owes Hans Blix an apology.