STRYKER BRIGADES….Via James Joyner, Army Chief of Staff Peter Schoomaker reports that the Army’s new Stryker Brigades have been phenomenal successes:

“The extraordinary performance that the two Stryker Brigades that we had in Iraq are going to be legend in my view,” Schoomaker said….Stryker units also showed the benefits of integrated systems, he said, moving more than 400 miles from Mosul to Najaf in 48 hours, fighting two battles along the way. This is the operational agility and capability the Army wants and is promoting with its modular organizational changes.

It looks like “Clinton’s General” is doing pretty well, isn’t he? Eric Shinseki turned out to be right about the need for more troops in Iraq, and apparently he turned out to be right in his fight with Donald Rumsfeld over the value of light, mobile Stryker Brigades too. Not bad for a squishy liberal, eh?

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