24 TRIVIA….This is completely off topic, but 24 fans may have noted that in last night’s episode the Secretary of Defense’s daughter ? who is apparently her father’s ideological soulmate ? mentioned that a guy she had recognized was familiar because she had previously seen him at a Heritage Foundation shindig.

As I recall, it was never clear in previous seasons whether President David Palmer was a Democrat or a Republican. Sure, he was a black guy who was formerly a senator from California, but hey, who knows? California elected Arnold, after all. But this latest bit of dialog pretty clearly indicates that the Secretary of Defense’s daughter, and therefore the Secretary of Defense as well, are the kind of folks who hang out at Heritage Foundation events and are therefore Republicans. In addition, the SecDef’s son, who hates his father’s politics, is some kind of lefty peacenik type.

Unless you require considerably more stringent standards of proof than I do in matters like this, I’d say that Palmer was clearly a Democrat and this season’s president, who beat him in the election that took place in the off season, is a Republican. Whether that means we can expect a more kick butt executive response to terrorism remains to be seen.

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