LANGUAGE CONTROL….We already know all about the GOP’s language strategy for their Social Security plans: at first it was “privatization,” but that didn’t poll well. So they changed it to “private accounts,” but that didn’t poll well either. So now it’s “personal accounts.”

With that out of the way, they’re ready to move on: Rick Santorum now says he wants to ditch the idea of “transitional costs” ? that’s the multiple trillions of dollars that privatization would add in either taxes or higher deficits ? and instead favors the term “prepaying.” Orwell marches on.

I should add that I’m not bothered that Republicans are doing this. All political parties try to control language in ways favorable to their own causes. What bothers me is that so many reporters are buying into this despite the fact that Republicans have been so open about what they’re doing. It’s one thing to get rolled, but it’s quite another to go along without a whimper when you know you’re getting rolled. Wise up, folks.

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