BUSH’S BALDIES….I saw this picture over on Julie Saltman’s site yesterday and found it….disturbing. I mean, I had heard that Bush had a thing for bald-headed people, but this went far beyond that. It seemed ? what? Haunting? Evocative? Alarming?

I’m not sure. But I went back for another look today. I couldn’t help myself. What the hell is he doing? So I googled and found a whole collection of pictures of Bush rubbing the heads of bald men, including the (apparently) original source of this picture. I don’t know who took it, though, only that it was “submitted by Webster” on or about February 15th, and it seems to be the only one where Bush is laying down a full bore smooch, not just copping a quick feel.

This is the kind of thing that can infest your dreams once you’ve seen it. I’m sorry. But that’s the price of a free press, isn’t it?