KOFI AND KOJO….Say what? After all the frenzied speculation that Paul Volcker’s investigation of the UN oil-for-food scandal was going to nail Kofi Annan’s hide to the wall over his son’s misdoings, all we get is this?

The report obtained Tuesday said “there is no evidence” the selection of Cotecna [Kojo Annan’s company] for an inspection contract “was subject to any affirmative or improper influence of the secretary-general in the bidding or selection process.”

Investigators also said “the evidence is not reasonably sufficient” that Annan knew about Cotecna’s bid in 1998.

That’s got to be a disappointment for the Kofi haters.

Bottom line: there are still questions about Kojo’s behavior, and the investigation is continuing. So far, however, all the report says is that Kojo hid his relationship with Cotecna from his father, something he confessed to long ago. Pretty weak beer.

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