NO MORE CRISIS?….Via Melanie Mattson, here are the results of a USA Today poll on Social Security:

Sixty-two percent worry that Republicans will “go too far” in changing Social Security; 61% worry that Democrats “will not go far enough.”

At first glance, that’s not such great news for the good guys, since on substantive grounds doing nothing really is the best option right now (for a more detailed defense of this, see here). But then there’s this:

Asked what action this year would be best for them in the long run, 27% choose passing a Republican plan, 22% choose a Democratic plan ? and 46% choose no plan this year.

Since the Democratic plan is basically to oppose Bush’s plan, that’s not bad. Two-thirds of the country agrees that nothing much needs to be done right now. The rest of the poll results are mixed, but at least we seem to be past the stage where people think the system is in crisis.

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