MODERNIZING (?) LABOR….Marshall Wittman, neo-quasi-former-McCain-conservative turned DLC-semi-liberal (or something), has some good words for unions today but then adds a typical Wittmanesque twist:

America needs a strong labor movement as never before. With the rise of the Bush plutocracy, there is no counter-balance to the power of money. Yet unions have been in decline for the past thirty years.

….[Andy] Stern is an innovative thinker who is attempting to recreate the labor movement to adjust to the changing economy. He realizes that politics alone is not the answer to labor’s woes and it must return to grass roots organizing efforts.

The Moose applauds the attempts to modernize the labor movement and urges it to think anew in addressing the concerns of working people. Not only should labor focus on the economic issues facing employees, but also the cultural anxieties that afflict working families. It is fine to take on Wal Mart as an organizing target because of its low wages and poor benefits, but labor also should recognize that the company is on to something when it provides its customers “family friendly” products and avoids selling violent video games and sexually explicit videos.

Discuss. Politely, of course.

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