HEALTHCARE FOR ALL!….The New York Times writes today about a diverse group of organizations that have been meeting secretly for months to come up with a plan to provide coverage for people with no health insurance. I’m pretty skeptical that much good can come of this, but who knows? Anything is possible, I suppose.

This quote threw me for a loop, though:

Asked what had prompted the initiative, Stuart M. Butler, the vice president of the conservative Heritage Foundation, said: “It’s a coalition built of frustration. True believers on the left and the right have been stymied on this issue.”

Heritage doesn’t think of itself as a true believer? In which universe?

UPDATE: FWIW, several commenters think I’m reading this wrong. They suggest that Butler does indeed think of Heritage as a true believer, but since they’ve been stymied they’re now willing to seek compromise. Maybe. But do true believers ever compromise? And if they do, are they no longer true believers? Hmmm…..

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