DEEP THOUGHTS….Weekend wisdom from the blogosphere, ripped violently out of its native habitat but then hyperlinked back to its source so you have the option of attempting to make sense out of it if you’re so inclined:

From renowned evolutionary psychologist Bob Harris, who has reason to speculate about this: “I think natural selection must have greatly rewarded the ability to reassure oneself in a crisis with complete bullshit….Indeed, inventing reassuring bullshit may be humankind’s keenest survival skill. And now that we are our own greatest predator, it will probably kill us all.”

From once and future philosophy student Lindsay Beyerstein, reminiscing about her childhood: “It might be great, it might be terrible!” my Dad would say, “Anyway, we’ve got five gallons.”

From distinguished media critic Jim Henley, explaining how to read the newspaper: “The rest of the article is stuff you already knew, just more official-like.”

From celebrated business law professor Stephen Bainbridge, who probably ought to know the answer to this: “What is it about the computer industry that turns people into (or maybe just attracts) lying, cheating, thieving little twerps shits?”

From eminent legal scholar Ann Althouse, who’s been watching too much Larry King: “Ah, dammit, I’m back to thinking about Nixon again.”

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