A VERY SPECIAL ELECTION….The latest TV commercial in California’s now permanent election campaign is all about evil Democrats and their tax increases, and Arnold Schwarzenegger has picked up the beat in his personal appearances. LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik isn’t amused:

Schwarzenegger was already out and about this week telling elderly homeowners that his Democratic opponents are plotting to change Proposition 13 in a way that could deprive them of their homes. In the old days, we would call that statement a baldfaced lie; today, I suppose, we’re supposed to accept it as merely a charming fabrication.

Hiltzik is pretty exercised about our November election, and I don’t blame him. As he notes, we’re having an election next June anyway, and it’s unlikely that any of Schwarzenegger’s initiatives will have even a slight effect in the intervening seven months. Why not wait and save the $50 million or so the special election will cost?

Personal ego, of course, which seems to be Arnold’s speciality. I guess he’s a true Californian after all.

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