BIAS AT NPR….So how is Ken Tomlinson’s witch hunt against NPR going? Via BTD, it appears that interim results are now in from both moderately-conservative ombusdman Ken Bode as well as the guy picked to balance him, even-more-conservative ombudsman William Schulz. Here’s the scoop:

Bode and Schulz have been positively glowing in their assessments of the journalism heard on NPR and seen on news shows distributed by PBS. So glowing, in fact, that Schulz and Bode’s reports, which are posted on CPB’s Web site could easily be excerpted in the shorthand style of a movie ad quoting favorable reviews.

….Neither ombudsman mentions a lack of “balance” ? a frequent Tomlinson criticism ? in the programs reviewed. Indeed, neither comments one way or the other about the political leanings of the few programs that were reviewed.

It must be time to fire them both and find someone who gets it, don’t you think? Surely their inability to arrive at the correct conclusion can’t be tolerated much longer.

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