SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR WANTED….Some of you have probably noticed that the Washington Monthly site crashes pretty reliably a couple of times a day. We’re not really sure why this happens, but it appears to be a database management issue related to Movable Type.

We’d like to fix this, which means that we need to hire a part-time system administrator who has experience dealing with high-volume Movable Type installations. There’s some other stuff we’d like done to the site as well, some of it related to MT and some not.

This is a paying position, although opinion magazine economics being what they are, it won’t exactly make you wealthy. If you’re interested anyway and have the requisite technical chops, please send an email to our associate publisher, Carl Iseli, at He can provide more details about exactly what we’re looking for.

Since the site always seems to go down just when I want to write something juicy, fixing it will definitely improve my mental health. Many thanks in advance to anyone who’s able to help out.