DEMOCRACY IN IRAQ….Abu Aardvark passes along some disturbing goings-on in Iraq:

Al-Arabiya reports, based on a story in the Iraqi newspaper al-Sabah, that the permanent Iraqi constitution will declare Islam the official religion of Iraq and the fundamental source [al-masdar al-issasi] of legislation. That seems stronger than the latest version I had heard, which would have had it “a source”, not “the fundamental source”.

Al-Hayat reports that the draft constitution will not allow Jews of Iraqi origin to reclaim their citizenship, contrary to a widespread rumour dating back to the TAL.

Elaph and al-Hayat both report the Iraqi Defense Minister lashing out against Kuwait, warning it against “unwise actions” along the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border. Iraqi-Kuwaiti border disputes! Is this 1990?

I’m not sure what to make of this, but added to the recent rumblings about sharp curbs on women’s rights in the new constitution, it doesn’t sound especially encouraging, does it?