MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD….Hum de hum. I’m bored today. What to talk about? I know ? let’s try to figure out what the hell is wrong with Democrats these days. How come people won’t vote for us? Everyone seems to be talking about that today.

I don’t actually know the answer, but I think I’ve collected the leading candidates:

  1. Too socially liberal. Need to move to the center.

  2. Too wishy washy. Need to be loud and proud liberals.

  3. Too tin-eared. We’re terrific on the issues, but we need to frame them properly.

  4. Too wimpy. Need to convince Americans we can kick Osama’s butt.

  5. Too wonkish. People don’t want laundry lists, they want character.

  6. Too gutless. Need to get down in the gutter with Karl Rove and rip his lungs out.

  7. Too shortsighted. Need to create liberal versions of the Heritage Foundation to help us build long-term vision.

  8. Too tired. Need to break loose from the past and offer fresh, original ideas.

  9. Too splintered. Need to quit pandering to the interest groups that actually vote for us.

  10. None of the above. It’s the media’s fault.

Vote for your favorite in comments! I’ll be back after my semi-decennial visit to the optometrist.

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