JEAN CHARLES DE MENEZES….Holy cats. Remember Jean Charles de Menezes, the Brazilian electrician wearing a heavy jacket who was mistakenly shot and killed after he jumped a turnstile and ran from police in a London tube station? It turns out that not only is none of that true, but he was even in custody when they shot him. From the Guardian:

It has now emerged that Mr de Menezes:

  • was never properly identified because a police officer was relieving himself at the very moment he was leaving his home;

  • was unaware he was being followed;

  • was not wearing a heavy padded jacket or belt as reports at the time suggested;

  • never ran from the police;

  • and did not jump the ticket barrier.

But the revelation that will prove most uncomfortable for Scotland Yard was that the 27-year-old electrician had already been restrained by a surveillance officer before being shot seven times in the head and once in the shoulder.

….”He immediately stood up and advanced towards me and the CO19 [firearms squad] officers … I grabbed the male in the denim jacket by wrapping both my arms around his torso, pinning his arms to his side. I then pushed him back on to the seat where he had been previously sitting … I then heard a gun shot very close to my left ear and was dragged away on to the floor of the carriage.”

This is going to be “uncomfortable” for Scotland Yard? If this is all true, it ought to be considerably more than that.

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