AID FROM CANADA….Canadian zillionaire Frank Stronach dispatched his assistant to Florida last Thursday with a crazy idea: figure out a way to evacuate 300 Katrina refugees to an empty training facility for grooms and thoroughbred trainers owned by his company. And do it fast:

Mr. Mills immediately began working with FEMA and the Red Cross to cut through the red tape and line up several hundred candidates for the airlift. The first evacuees landed in Montgomery, Ala., where buses picked them up.

“These people were traumatized,” Mr. Mills says. “The first planeload of 126 was basically people they’d fished out of the bayou that morning. We had 90-year-olds, kids, pregnant women. We headed straight for Wal-Mart and bought all the food we could carry.”

Stronach’s plan is to house the refugees in the training facility for a few months and then move them into a new community he plans to build in Louisiana. The total cost is estimated at about $3 million. I like his management philosophy:

The great thing about a large company that makes a profit is that you have the capability to jump in and be helpful ? right away.

Good for him. I hope lots of American corporations follow suit.