NEW MATH….I’m confused. The LA Times tells me today that several local schools have failed the guidelines set down by the No Child Left Behind Act for seven consecutive years:

The federal No Child Left Behind education law gave schools seven years to meet achievement goals, laying out increasingly dire consequences ? including the removal of school staff ? for those that fell short.

But now, 10 schools have exceeded that seven-year timetable, leaving them in undefined territory and spawning renewed criticism by education officials about the fairness of the law.

….Federal education department officials said they were not concerned about the schools entering their eighth year of needing improvement, saying campus reforms take time….Schools exceeding the seven-year timetable are not in limbo but will remain in the restructuring phase until they can meet their testing targets for two consecutive years.

NCLB was passed in 2001. That’s four years ago. So how can any school have missed NCLB’s guidelines for seven straight years?

I’m sure there must be an answer of some kind, but Duke Helfand and Joel Rubin don’t tell us what it is. Seems like maybe they should.