A WEE COMPLAINT….This is an open letter to the online advertising community. The following problems have become overwhelmingly common even on mainstream sites:

  • Ads that malfunction in a way that causes your browser to overload and use 95% of your system resources, effectively bringing your PC to a halt.

  • Ads that malfunction and cover up parts of the screen they aren’t supposed to.

  • Ad that flicker wildly for five or ten seconds before finally settling down.

  • Ads that somehow disable the Back button on your browser. Related: ads that prevent you from leaving a site altogether, forcing you to shut down your browser in order to get further work done.

  • Ads that decline to close even though they supposedly have a close button.

  • Ads that prevent a site from loading just because the ad server is malfunctioning.

Knock it off. If you can’t serve up ads in the way they’re supposed to be served up, get out of the business.

That is all.