RIGHT ON RIGHT VIOLENCE….Byron York writes today that relations among the conservative groups focused on defending President Bush’s judicial nominees has gotten a bit testy lately:

The groups hold a daily strategy conference call which, in the last ten days, has at times become contentious. “We’ve all had some fairly nasty exchanges,” says one person familiar with the calls. In such an environment, name-calling is not terribly unusual. For example, one conservative said of Progress for America, “They are a bunch of political hacks and they do what the White House wants. You could nominate Humpty Dumpty for the Supreme Court, and they’d be out arguing for Humpty Dumpty.” That’s not the kind of thing one hears in a well organized, unified movement.

Jon Chait has more along these lines in the LA Times.

Oh, and did you know that Harriet Miers is in favor of higher taxes?