HEADSET QUERY….I’d like to buy a headset for my telephone. Actually, let me rephrase that: I’ve already got a headset for my telephone, and I’d like to buy a really high quality replacement for it.

Any suggestions based on personal experience? My preference is for something that plugs in via a standard sub-mini jack (see picture at right) so that I can use it on a variety of corded and cordless phones, but I’m willing to consider more complex alternatives as well. Within reason, cost is not an issue. What I’m looking for is something with very high sound quality: no tinniness, no echo, no “you sound like you’re talking from inside a barrel.” Something that will make sound engineers happy when I’m chatting on radio shows.

Recommendations are welcome. And failing that, does anyone know why the sound quality on most headset sucks so badly? I mean, a mike is a mike. Why should the 20-cent microphone on a headset be any worse than the 20-cent microphone in a handset?

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