“WHAT MONEY?”….Via the Carpetbagger, here’s an excerpt from a New York Times Magazine interview with former Senator Connie Mack, the guy who’s in charge of the president’s tax reform panel. Read and be amazed:

Well, the U.S. government has to get money from somewhere. As a two-term former Republican senator from Florida, where do you suggest we get money from?

What money?

The money to run this country.

We’ll borrow it.

I never understand where all this money comes from. When the president says we need another $200 billion for Katrina repairs, does he just go and borrow it from the Saudis?

In a sense, we do. Maybe the Chinese.

Is that fair to our children? If we keep borrowing at this level, won’t the Arabs or the Chinese eventually own this country?

I am not worried about that….

Tell me again how these guys ended up in charge of the country?

POSTSCRIPT: I have a feeling the typography got screwed up in this interview. The line that begins “When the president says” sounds like it was something the interviewer said, not Mack. Can someone who has a copy of the print magazine look this up and see?

POSCRIPT 2: A reader confirms my suspicion. I’ve corrected the text.

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