BUSH AND THE CFR….Dan Froomkin charges the Council on Foreign Relations with taking a dive on President Bush’s behalf:

In a sharp break with the council’s own traditions, Bush is being allowed to speak ? for 50 minutes ? then leave without taking any questions.

“Obviously, we strongly suggested ? certainly made the case ? that it would be in the interest of the president and in the interest of our membership that the president take questions,” council vice president for communications Lisa Shields told me this morning.

“But true to his format, they declined.”

I can’t think of any reason for CFR to do this. Do they truly think Bush is going to break new ground in his speech? That they’ll get anything other than a standard stump speech about freedom and liberty and democracy? That a Bush speech will actually add luster to their reputation?

And what exactly are they getting in return for this sharp break with their own traditions? As near as I can tell, nothing. If Bush insists on staying inside his bubble of sycophants and underlings, let him find another military base to speak at. CFR should demand better, even from a president.