FROM THE ANNALS OF CONGRESSIONAL IDIOCY….LA Times sports columnist Chris Dufresne reports on Rep. Joe Barton’s moronic hearings to investigate college football’s postseason bowls:

To my mind, the most interesting question of the day was posed by Barton to Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany:

“Why are there 11 teams in the Big Ten?”

Delany, obviously unprepared and reeling under this intense grilling, had no answer.

And you know what else? Nose tackles. What’s up with that? Don’t all the players have noses? Oh, and does a field goal count if the ball goes higher than the top of the uprights? And what about the yardlines? I’ve always wondered how they manage to paint those lines on the grass and not have them get all torn up by the end of the game.

Let’s call a hearing.

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