DEMOCRATS AND CORRUPTION….If Democrats are going to make hay out of Republican corruption as a campaign issue this year, isn’t it about time to start cracking some heads? Their smartest move would be a genuinely bold and aggressive anti-corruption proposal, one that Republicans couldn’t possibly support and that would make any Republican counter-proposal look weak and opportunistic by comparison. I doubt the public will even begin to wake up for anything less than a proposal so dramatic that it promises to turn Congress upside down and forces the GOP to play catchup for the rest of the year.

The best time for this is before the Republicans roll out their own proposal, right? And that doesn’t leave much time. So where is it?

POSTSCRIPT: Last year I suggested a few anti-corruption ideas here. But that was just brainstorming. I sure hope the Democratic leadership has some more dramatic ideas than these on tap.

POST-POSTSCRIPT: And please, just a few short, punchy proposals, OK? Let’s not see a reprise of Nancy Pelosi’s pathetic 60-point snooze-fest from last year’s election.