PAY FOR PERFORMANCE….Florida has passed a plan to pay teachers based on how well their kids do on standardized tests:

The effort, now being adopted by local districts, is viewed as a landmark in the movement to restructure American schools by having them face the same kind of competitive pressures placed on private enterprise.

That’s a laugh. How many private schools can you name that pay their teachers this way?

Actually, what’s really a laugh is the BS that conservative politicians routinely pass off as “being like private enterprise.” It’s true that companies themselves rise or fall based on some pretty simple metrics, but the people inside them sure don’t. Hell, CEOs, those paragons of American entrepreneurial spirit, routinely grant themselves pay plans that are completely divorced from any genuine performance metrics.

At any rate, since politicians are so fond of competitive pay, I suggest that we start paying politicians based on performance. I’m sure they won’t mind, accountability being such a watchword and all. I’m open to suggestions on just how we should do this.