KALOOGIAN UPDATE….If you’ve been following the recent nitwittery surrounding Republican congressional candidate Howard Kaloogian (“Each day the news media finds any violence occurring in the country and screams and shouts about it ? in part because many journalists are opposed to the U.S. effort to fight terrorism,” he said, but it turned out the picture he posted to show how calm things were in Baghdad was actually taken in Istanbul) ? well, if you’ve been following it you might be wondering just how well Kaloogian is doing in his race to take over Duke Cunningham’s seat in California’s 50th congressional district. Here’s the answer: he’s got about 12% of the vote. For now. Somehow I have a feeling those numbers might drop a bit in the next few days.

What’s also interesting is that Francine Busby has 45% of the vote compared to 46% for the combined Republicans in this heavily Republican district. Hmmm.