BRING BACK THE CHAIN GANGS!….Dana Rohrabacher, the insane congressman in the district immediately north of me, suggested yesterday that even if we cut off illegal immigration completely we’d still have a large and cheap labor force available to pick our strawberries for us. “Let the prisoners pick the fruits,” he said.

Naturally I just discounted this as the ravings of a madman, but then TChris planted a thought in my mind: does this mean that maybe Jack Abramoff might be sent out to the fields for 10 hours per day of backbreaking work in the blazing sun for the next five years and ten months? And maybe Scooter Libby and Tom DeLay too? And you never know ? could even Karl Rove find himself on the business end of a short handled hoe in El Centro if Patrick Fitzgerald ever manages to make sense out of all those missing White House emails?

Maybe Dana is actually onto something this time.

UPDATE: Oh, and Tony Rudy too.

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