LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT….You know how liberals used to vent about how they were going to move to Canada if George Bush won the 2004 election? Well, it turns out that offhand comments like that can be used against you in a court of law. Johnny Depp is suing some developers for blocking the view from his multimillion dollar mansion, and their defense isn’t that he’s wrong, but that he said he wasn’t going to live there anyway:

Depp asserts that the project would block the view his two children have while playing outside the 7,430-square-foot home. Backers of the development dispute that. They say that Depp has declared that the youngsters ? Lily-Rose, 6, and Jack, 4 ? will be raised in France, where he and French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis live.

….Developer Joseph Emrani…said he challenged Depp’s representatives. “They said, ‘The kids are playing over there and they don’t want it to block their view.’ I mentioned that his children live in Paris, and one of them said, ‘That’s very personal and we don’t want to get involved with that.’ “

Yo ho ho. No freedom fries for Lily-Rose and Jack!