I’LL TAKE GOP CANDIDATES FOR 400, ALEX….Mark Schmitt surveys the 2008 field of Republican nominees for president tonight, and he’s not impressed. Neither am I, but I enjoyed his snark enough to make a game out of it. Can you match up each candidate to Mark’s witticisms? Answers here.



John McCain

A. “This guy could come back some day, like Nixon, but you can?t lose a and then expect to be the 2008 nominee.”

George Allen

B. “I?ll go with whatever Amy Sullivan says on whether will accept a . Apparently the answer is no.”

Bill Frist

C. “His personal failings are old news. He hasn?t had to vote on anything in seven years.”

Rick Santorum

D. “Actually, turns out he?s a , a type I?ve encountered once or twice in my life and is probably one of the creepiest personality types there is.”

Mitt Romney

E. “Some people believe he?s the inevitable nominee; others believe it?s impossible….I’m in the second camp.”

Sam Brownback

F. “Utterly charmless.”

Condoleezza Rice

G. “I don?t know anything about this, but I can?t help imagine that his life before he found God, which includes much of his political career, might involve some interesting stories.”

Mystery Candidate

H. “Are they really going to want the 2008 election to be a referendum on Bush?s foreign policy?”