CELEBRATING DIVERSITY….I know, I know, I know. Gotta ignore this stuff. And I really try. But here’s Michelle Malkin complaining because the Texas Rangers celebrated Cinco de Mayo yesterday by playing in uniforms that said “Los Rangers”:

I understand the Rangers wanted to do something innocuous to recognize a holiday celebrating historical and cultural pride. But the politically correct selectivity here is telling. While it’s considered a celebration of “diversity” to acknowledge the military sacrifices of another nation’s heroes, it’s considered racist to acknowledge the military sacrifices of one’s own.

Case in point: Can you imagine if someone proposed changing the Rangers’ jerseys to “Confederate Rangers” to celebrate Confederate Heroes’ Day?

Oh, and I’m sure I’ll be labeled a racist for pointing out the double standard.

It used to be that stuff like this was limited to mimeographed newsletters produced in someone’s basement and carefully mailed out to a select group of fellow cranks and conspiracy theorists. Now it’s on the web where it can be avidly cheered on by hundreds of thousands of fellow cranks in the full light of day. Isn’t the 21st century wonderful?

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