YOU KNOW HOW TO ADD, DON’T YOU?….Jared Bernstein tries his hand at some noir economics in the LA Times today:

“You came to the right place, doll,” I said. “I see you’ve got the first-quarter GDP report, along with the new compensation results.” I’d been puzzling over these numbers all day, but what, I wondered, could this tall glass of ice water want with them?

“That’s right,” she purred. “I need to know why GDP is up 4.8%, the strongest quarter since 2003, yet real wages are falling.” Yeah, I thought, you and everybody else who works for a living.

“Why the interest?” I shot back. She didn’t look like a Democrat.

“I wish I could tell you. But I work for some powerful people” ? now I knew she wasn’t a Democrat ? “and they’d be very upset if they even knew I was here.”

So who does she work for? The answer will shock you!