“IT TURNS OUT IT WAS WRONG”….Here is Donald Rumsfeld today, musing on the question of whether anybody should believe a word the Bush administration says about Iran’s nuclear program:

The intelligence community had views on Iraq. That information was available to the president, to me….It turns out it was wrong, that intelligence. Fair enough.

It’s a tough business. It’s a difficult thing to be right all the time. And the information was not correct. Does that give one pause? You bet.

In a purely artistic sense, you almost have to admire the guy: Why, he was just an innocent victim of an intelligence effort gone awry! You’d almost think he wasn’t the guy who instructed his aides to “judge whether good enough hit S.H” a mere five hours after the Pentagon was hit on 9/11. Or that he wasn’t the guy who created the Office of Special Plans inside the Pentagon because “Rumsfeld and his colleagues believed that the C.I.A. was unable to perceive the reality of the situation in Iraq.”

Nope, he was just an innocent bystander. And by golly, the CIA’s failures give him pause. I’ll just bet they do.

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