CANVASSING….So is Howard Dean’s effort to build up the Democratic Party infrastructure in all 50 states paying off? Here’s an anecdote from a reader in Georgia:

About 6:30 this evening, a young lady rang my doorbell. She was canvassing for the DNC, going door to door talking to people and collecting small donations. We chatted for a while about this year’s elections, Karl Rove, possible presidential candidates, and so on.

Now here’s the thing: I have lived in blue and not so blue states in my life (and currently in the reddest of red states, Georgia) but this is the first time anyone representing the party has come to my house. What does she get for it? OK, I gave her some cash, but what is more interesting is what she found at some other houses in the neighborhood ? Republican ones. Some of them gave her cash too. Others said they couldn’t give money since it would put them in a bad position with the party, but that she was getting their vote this year. I can’t help but think that this was worth whatever the DNC is paying her. She is creating new Democrats.

Well, we can hope.