RUNNING THE CAUCUS….Sam Rosenfeld comments on Nancy Pelosi’s tentative speaking style on political chat shows:

The actual job of managing a caucus in some kind of effective and strategic manner is immensely difficult in its own right. It’s only the sheerest coincidence if it so happens that a person imbued with the proper skills, temperament, and ability as a caucus leader also happens to be slick and charming and photogenic. (Tom DeLay was not a good message person for the GOP. Neither is Dennis Hastert.) But the other thing about the job of congressional leader, besides that it’s really hard, is that it’s really important. Indeed, having someone there who’s good at leading the House caucus is simply more important than having one who’s good on Meet the Press.

That’s right. Pelosi may get beat up about her lack of mad TV skillz, but as Michael Crowley says, “Denny Hastert, is perhaps the least articulate politician in all Washington. He may truly be among the most tongue-tied men who ever lived.”

The difference, of course, is that he lets other people do the talking while he runs the caucus. Since Pelosi isn’t planning to run for president, that might be the best bet for her too.

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