IRAQI MEDIA….Major Joseph Cox, in a recently released monograph examining information operations during the Iraq war, says this:

A lack of media outlets in the divisions? areas limited the divisions? ability to reach their populace quickly and efficiently. The divisions set out to create media in the areas of responsibility….By the end of 2003, every Division had created a number of newspapers, radios and TV stations….As individual Iraqi media outlets became functional, primarily with PSYOP support, tactical PSYOP units would use those fledgling outlets to support their product dissemination.

Marc Lynch thinks there’s more here than meets the eye:

Is there any way to read this other than that some significant portion of the Iraqi media which emerged after Saddam’s fall was in fact a fully funded and operational Psychological Operations campaign? If that’s the case, then this would seem to quite a revelation. Which newspapers, radios and TV stations were actually PSYOP operations, one might want to know. While I’d imagine that most enterprising journalists are either in Lebanon or on vacation, this still might be worth somebody following up on.

Hmmm. Are there any enterprising journalists out there interested in checking up on this?