CONSERVATIVE CAGE MATCHES….A fairly astonishing array of conservatives have come forward recently to publicly break with George W. Bush. But we figured that wasn’t enough. To really twist the knife in, we thought it would be fun to put them all on the record in a liberal magazine. First up is Christopher Buckley, who acknowledges that Republicans have had failures before:

Despite the failures, one had the sense that the party at least knew in its heart of hearts that these were failures, either of principle or execution. Today one has no sense, aside from a slight lowering of the swagger-mometer, that the president or the Republican Congress is in the least bit chastened by their debacles.

George Tenet?s WMD ?slam-dunk,? Vice President Cheney?s ?we will be greeted as liberators,? Don Rumsfeld?s avidity to promulgate a minimalist military doctrine, together with the tidy theories of a group who call themselves ?neo-conservative? (not one of whom, to my knowledge, has ever worn a military uniform), have thus far: de-stabilized the Middle East; alienated the world community from the United States; empowered North Korea, Iran, and Syria; unleashed sectarian carnage in Iraq among tribes who have been cutting each others? throats for over a thousand years; cost the lives of 2,600 Americans, and the limbs, eyes, organs, spinal cords of another 15,000 ? with no end in sight. But not to worry: Democracy is on the march in the Middle East. Just ask Hamas. And the neocons ? bright people, all ? are now clamoring, ?On to Tehran!?

What have they done to my party? Where does one go to get it back?

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