NO SHAME….The National Republican Congressional Committee is now so desperate to suppress voter turnout that they’re running ads too disgusting for even their own candidates to stomach. “It was way over the line,” says the Republican candidate for whom it was run. “We stand by it,” says the NRCC flack, who insists they’re not going to pull it no matter how egregious it is.

John Cole has the details. It’s item #3.

UPDATE: A reader who’s been working on the Democratic side of the campaign in question writes in with more:

The NRCC has known for weeks that the allegations are bullshit. About 3 weeks ago they sent out a fax talking about it and tried to get local news stations to run the story. We were able to knock down the allegations pretty fast. Ben Smith in the Daily News also did a good piece blowing holes in the story. But they still ran the ad.

Also, don’t take the Republican candidate’s protestations too seriously. They smack of Captain Renault being “shocked, shocked” that gambling is going on. His campaign has been spreading the rumor. Also, his ad traffic suddenly went positive last week, probably because they knew that if the ad ran they could claim they were taking the high road.

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