THE CIRCLE OF LIFE….Isaac Chotiner on the Baker Commission:

You are sure to hear time and again how Baker et al. have given the Democrats cover to push even harder for withdrawal. And why do they need this “cover”? Well, because they are going to be attacked by Republicans. Now, every time some GOP spokesman tells Tim Russert that the Democrats want to cut-and-run, Russert can respond that even the Baker Commission wants withdrawal (turn on your televisions; this is already happening). And why does the Baker Commission have such “credibility”? Because the press has been telling us that it does. What a beautiful circle.

The whole thing reminds me of an argument I once heard someone make about how ludicrous it was that Nixon received such plaudits for “opening” China. Why could “only Nixon” go to China? Because, for the preceding 20 years, the Richard Nixons of the world attacked as soft anyone who dared go to China. And yet our history books blather on about how much we all owe Nixon for this wonderfully counterintuitive move. Ah, Washington.

Makes your heart go pitter patter, doesn’t it?