FILIBUSTER PROOF IN 2008?….We all know that Democrats had an uphill battle to win control of the Senate this year because there were so few incumbent Republican seats in play. Democrats had to practically run the table to gain six seats.

In 2008 the situation will be just the reverse: of the 33 seats up for reelection, 21 are held by Republicans, which makes further Democratic gains pretty likely. Still, the folks at Democratic Strategist might be getting just a little too optimistic:

Bottom line is that the nine seat pick-up needed for a veto-proof Senate majority is within reasonable range. Ironically, Dems probably wouldn’t need it, because if we pick up nine Senate seats, we will likely win the presidency as well.

Now, I assume what they’re really talking about is a “filibuster-proof” majority (veto-proof would take two-thirds, or 67 seats), but even that seems like a stretch. Still, always good to aim high, I suppose.