Year: 2006

Good Luck, Julie!

GOOD LUCK, JULIE!….Can I just say that I’d hate to be Julie Myers right now? I mean, I’m sure she’s happy that she got that recess appointment as the head of DHS’s Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but she’s going to be absolutely crucified by a bipartisan lynch mob of bloggers and pundits the… Read more »

George Will, his own worst enemy

George Will, his own worst enemy…..Will is a reluctant liberal’s (I’m only one because ‘conservative’ is the only other viable option. Moderate schmoderate) dream. I viscerally disagree with just about everything he says (the baseball stuff renders me immediately blind and illiterate, so it doesn’t count) but it’s usually so simultaneously persuasive and so fundamentally… Read more »

Affirmative action is un-American, racist, condescending, infantilizing, and the final sign of the Apocalypse/Rapture. Unless it’s the right kind of affirmative action

Affirmative action is un-American, racist, condescending, infantilizing, and the final sign of the Apocalypse/Rapture. Unless it’s the right kind of affirmative action…. The kind that hurts America but helps religion and the GOP’s far right wing. Salon has the goods on the latest Bush-mongered ‘speaks in tongues well but couldn’t find her buttocks with both… Read more »

Proof that a little knowledge is dangerous

Proof that a little knowledge is dangerous….Check this out from the New York Times: Minister, a Bush Ally, Gives Church as Site for Alito Rally. The Rev. Herbert H. Lusk II is a maverick (emphasis added) black minister who took to his pulpit in Philadelphia in 2000 and pledged his support for a Bush presidency,… Read more »

nutcase theology

NUTCASE THEOLOGY….I try not to comment on all of the ridiculous things that come out of Pat Robertson’s mouth because 1) he’s a moonbat who seems to be reading a very different translation of the Bible than I am, and 2) most evangelicals, even conservative ones, don’t think of him as a spokesperson who represents… Read more »

Global Warming Solved!

GLOBAL WARMING SOLVED!….The topic of this year’s Edge question is “What is your dangerous idea?” The responses are all here, and they range from dangerous to incomprehensible to completely off-topic. However, some are not only not dangerous, but positively optimistic. Gregory Benford, for example, says that the carbon in farm waste alone is a substantial… Read more »

George Allen Gets a Moneyman

GEORGE ALLEN GETS A MONEYMAN….The Hotline reports that former RNC chair Ed Gillespie has signed on to be the treasurer of Sen. George Allen’s political action committee. That’s a big boost to Allen’s 2008 presidential aspirations.

Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING….John Quiggin summarizes the state of play of scientific evidence for global warming and concludes that “2005 saw the final nail hammered into the arguments climate change contrarians have been pushing for years.” As he says, at this point virtually every legitimate question about the reality of human-induced climate change has been answered. Equally… Read more »

Stepping Up to the Plate

STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE….Is the media to blame for reporting that 12 miners had been found alive in the Sago mine disaster, only to report hours later that they were all dead? Ellen Smith, editor of Mine Safety and Health News, says probably not. Instead, she fingers a different culprit: Don’t blame the media…. Read more »

The NSA and CNN

THE NSA AND CNN….I’m playing catchup here, but in case you haven’t read about this yet check out AmericaBlog on Andrea Mitchell’s interview with New York Times reporter James Risen. The topic was the NSA’s domestic spying operation, and Mitchell asked Risen this question: You don’t have any information, for instance, that a very prominent… Read more »