Year: 2006

More NSA Problems?

MORE NSA PROBLEMS?….Russ Tice is a former employee of DIA and NSA who reported in 2001 that a coworker might be a Chinese spy. After Tice pressed his concerns, NSA declared him mentally unbalanced, reassigned him to clean cars in the motor pool, and eventually revoked his security clearance. He was fired last year. Today… Read more »

Burying the Evidence

BURYING THE EVIDENCE….More from Ellen Smith, editor of Mine Safety and Health News: It will be a long time before we know what happened at Sago. It will also be a long time before we know anything about the role (or lack thereof) of the Mine Safety and Health Agency in the accident. Why? Because… Read more »

fine young man

FINE YOUNG MAN….Condolences to Kevin and the USC Trojans, but what a game! Much as I hate to see a victory go to the president’s favorite team and that dreadful hook ’em horns sign, Texas pulled out a heart-stopper of a win. Tied for MVP in my mind are Vince Young and his offensive line…. Read more »

Newt II

NEWT II …. So Newt Gingrich has also been making the talk-show rounds on Abramoff. Yes, his own past ethical problems make him a dubious messenger. And yes, you?re entitled to question the motives of anyone whose name is sometimes mentioned in the same breath as 2008 for seizing this moment to present himself as… Read more »

Wednesday Cat Bowl Blogging

WEDNESDAY CAT BOWL BLOGGING….Blogging is officially suspended for the next few hours. I assume this picture makes the reason sufficiently clear. As you can see, Inkblot has put on his best Heisman Trophy look for this portrait. Or should that be his best Outland Trophy look? Inkblot will never be an Academic All-American, but he’s… Read more »

Newt on Jack

NEWT ON JACK …. Last August when the DC Rotary Club asked Newt Gingrich to speak at a luncheon at Hotel Washington, members had no idea that Gingrich?s talk would happen to fall on the day after Jack Abramoff?s guilty plea shook Washington. Glancing at the packed ballroom and the crowd of reporters and TV… Read more »

Sago and the Press

SAGO AND THE PRESS….Over at Courant, Roger Catlin examines television coverage of the West Virginia miner-miracle-turned-disaster and comes away unimpressed. Greg Saunders does the same for newspaper coverage, and he’s not impressed either. So what really happened here? CNN has this explanation from mine company chief Ben Hatfield: “What happened is that through stray cell… Read more »

Abramoff and K Street

ABRAMOFF AND K STREET….Janet Hook and Mary Curtius have a pretty good story in the LA Times today that ties the Jack Abramoff story to the broader ? and ultimately more important ? story of the K Street Project, a scheme dreamed up by Republican leaders a decade ago as a way of cementing their… Read more »

Safety at the Sago Mine

SAFETY AT THE SAGO MINE….Ellen Smith, the editor of Mine Safety and Health News, probably knows as much about mine safety ? and more about the obscure Mine Safety and Health Administration ? than anyone alive. She sent along the following brief summary of the safety record at the Sago Mine: How bad was the… Read more »

Under Mined

UNDER MINED….What’s the story behind the story of the tragedy at the Sago Mine? At least part of it is predictable: after George Bush took office in 2001 the Mine Safety and Health Administration was stocked with coal mining executives who were distinctly less interested in mine safety than they should have been. Clara Bingham… Read more »