Year: 2006

Iran’s Nuclear Program

IRAN’S NUCLEAR PROGRAM….The Guardian reports on a leaked European document about Iran’s nuclear ambitions: The Iranian government has been successfully scouring Europe for the sophisticated equipment needed to develop a nuclear bomb, according to the latest western intelligence assessment of the country’s weapons programmes. ….The 55-page intelligence assessment, dated July 1 2005, draws upon material… Read more »

2006 IF Stone Memorial Award Nominee

2006 IF STONE MEMORIAL AWARD NOMINEE….From the Department of Trying Too Hard comes this hard hitting investigative report from the Los Angeles Times: Despite spending $1 million in the last two years to assure Los Angeles residents that their tap water is not only safe to drink but also top quality, city officials spent $88,900… Read more »

Dog Days

DOG DAYS….In the November issue of the Washington Monthly, Christopher Lehmann explained why he thinks American political fiction sucks: From The Gilded Age on, Washington was to be the premier setting of a strikingly continuous American political fable of innocence at risk. This sturdy tale typically pitches a political naif’s fateful interest in the machinery… Read more »

Cracks in the Edifice

CRACKS IN THE EDIFICE….I’m still catching up on the Jack Abramoff plea deal, but I thought I should at least pass along this analysis from CREW: The information also refers to three unnamed co-conspirators: Representative #1 and Staffers A and B. Representative #1 refers to Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH), Staffer A is likely Tony Rudy,… Read more »

Stupid or Venal?

STUPID OR VENAL?….Over at the Prospect, Bob Kuttner asks the eternal question: stupid or venal? The motivation for the question this time around is the Medicare prescription drug benefit, and given George Bush’s well-known disdain for actual policy analysis I suppose you could make a reasonable case for stupid as the guiding principle behind this… Read more »

A Taxing Issue

A TAXING ISSUE….This is hardly the most earth shaking issue to write about, but let’s chalk up this post to a desire to ease ve-r-r-r-r-y slowly into the the blogging routine after a week off, OK? With that said, here is Ralph Lauren’s daughter, Dylan Lauren, talking in the New York Times about her Manhattan-based… Read more »

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!….It’s not often that someone writes a column that is simultaneously as condescending, juvenile, obtuse, and soul cankered as this one in Slate. You’ll think it was written by a native of Alpha Centauri trying to parody Ayn Rand, but you’ll be wrong. It was written by Steven Landsburg.

Vacation’s End

VACATION’S END….Well, I’m back. Finally. Did you miss me? Many thanks to Steve Benen, who did some terrific guest blogging in my absence, as well as the Washington Monthly editors who also pitched in. As I hope all of you know by now, Steve’s regular blog is The Carpetbagger Report, and for my money it’s… Read more »

What nerds dream about

What nerds dream about….The Washington Post tells of a groovy new national push to systematically promote and support learning foreign languages. Useful ones like Mandarin and Russian, vice French (neuf useless years pour moi. Sigh.) and German (Spanish, with its three million students, is the most taught language in America so we got that covered)…. Read more »

Slipping support in the military

SLIPPING SUPPORT IN THE MILITARY….With his political support still suffering, the president can at least count on broad support among men and women in uniform, right? According to the 2005 Military Times Poll, perhaps not. (via Political Wire) Support for President Bush and for the war in Iraq has slipped significantly in the last year… Read more »