Year: 2006

National Insecurity

NATIONAL INSECURITY….In a wonderful example of guerrilla op-ed writing, the New York Times went ahead and published a piece by Flynt Leverett today that the White House had tried to eviscerate on national security grounds. Will that get them in legal hot water? No. You see, they published it complete with black bars to represent… Read more »

The Overexamined Life?

THE OVEREXAMINED LIFE?….As long as we’re on the subject of Hillary Clinton — and we are on the subject of Hillary Clinton, aren’t we? — Mother Jones has a long cover story by Jack Hitt this month on Hillary as Rorschach Test: Not since Richard Nixon has the body politic been treated to so many… Read more »

Black Gold

BLACK GOLD….An Interior Department report completed last year concluded that federal incentives for oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico (a) funnel tens of billions of dollars to oil companies, (b) don’t produce very much additional oil, and (c) the oil they do produce is more expensive than just buying the stuff on the open… Read more »

Yet Another Holiday

YET ANOTHER HOLIDAY….Happy Winter Solstice (northern hemisphere edition)! Tomorrow the daylight hours finally start getting longer again. Huzzah!

Hillary Watch

HILLARY WATCH….Steve Benen digs around and finds an extremely compelling reason to support Hillary Clinton for president. On a more serious note, M.J. Rosenberg notices something about Hillary that I’ve noticed too: I just watched Hillary Clinton on “the View.” And I realized something. Every time she lets go a little (like when she jogged… Read more »

Merry Christmas, Libertarians!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, LIBERTARIANS!….Julian Sanchez weighs in on the question of whether Democrats ought to be more willing to play footsie with libertarians: Since entitlements seem to be the sticking point here, I’ll reiterate one more time: The explosion in Medicare and retirement spending is coming either way. You can play an oppositional game against a… Read more »

A Lexicology Lesson

A LEXICOLOGY LESSON….Quote of the day: The precise definition of “shitbag” is unclear, but Complainant and Respondent agree that it is a derogatory term. Glad we got that cleared up.

Sandy Berger Update

SANDY BERGER UPDATE….Sandy Berger not only took documents from the National Archives and hid them in his sock, but stashed them under a construction trailer and later retrieved them? WTF? At the very least, you’d think the guy would have boned up on his tradecraft by reading some John LeCarre novels. At this point, I’d… Read more »

The Iraq Straddle

THE IRAQ STRADDLE….Jonathan Singer reports that the “Up for Reelection in 2008/Change of Heart on Iraq” Caucus has a new member: Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., said today after a two-day trip to Iraq that he would not support an increase in the number of soldiers in Baghdad. ….He suggested the Iraqis meet certain benchmarks within… Read more »

Expanding the Frontiers of Human Knowledge

EXPANDING THE FRONTIERS OF HUMAN KNOWLEDGE….Over at Slate, Daniel Engber has rounded up a few of the questions that his Explainer column didn’t tackle this year. For example, this one: What comes after 999 trillion? OK, that’s an easy one: 999 trillion and one. But here are a few others: Why is smooth peanut butter… Read more »