Year: 2006

Finally He Can Tell Us What He Really Thinks

FINALLY HE CAN TELL US WHAT HE REALLY THINKS….Congratulations to Chad Orzel, who is now a tenured professor of physics at a small liberal arts college. So no more nonsense about how blogging hurts the tenure chances of junior faculty, OK?

A Survey

A SURVEY….True or false: Persistent exposure to zealous lefty ideologues causes centrists to sympathize more strongly with conservatism than they normally would. Conversely, persistent exposure to zealous righty ideologues causes centrists to sympathize more with liberalism. Follow-up question: If this is true, what lesson should we draw from it?

Move Over, Fido

MOVE OVER, FIDO….Did 9/11 really change everything? Not quite: Securities regulators charged Morgan Stanley DW Inc. with failing to hand over millions of e-mail messages to investigators and plaintiffs by falsely saying that the documents had been lost in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, according to a complaint filed… Read more »

Self-Parody Watch

SELF-PARODY WATCH….Stanley Kurtz is one of the guys on my permanent “ignore” list, but today’s contribution to the public discourse is so obliviously unglued that it’s worth passing along for its slapstick value alone. Several bloggers linked to this earlier, but I didn’t really believe he had said what they said he said (did you… Read more »


ACCOUNTABILITY….Robert Farley notes a sudden conservative enthusiasm for arguments that our men and women in Iraq have been hamstrung by rules of engagement that are too strict: Why is this suddenly so popular? The argument carries a lot of wingnut water. First, it emphasizes that the problem in Iraq is that we’ve been too soft,… Read more »

Off Center?

OFF CENTER?….Last year, Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson wrote an influential and widely-read book called Off Center. It argued that the Republican Party had moved dramatically to the right of the American public, something that would normally spell electoral doom, but was getting away with this thanks to a broad and remarkably robust set of… Read more »

Dems and the War

DEMS AND THE WAR….Over at Tapped, a conversation about the war: Ackerman: If Democrats press too hard on withdrawal from Iraq, the end result will probably be a rerun of the Vietnam myth: we could have won in Iraq, but feckless liberals snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and precipitated a national humiliation. “Over… Read more »

Best in the World, Baby, Best in the World

BEST IN THE WORLD, BABY, BEST IN THE WORLD….From John Derbyshire over at The Corner: CHRISTMAS PRESENT [John Derbyshire] My health insurer has just notified me, in a brief form letter, that my monthly premiums are to rise from $472.33 to $857.00 on January 1st. That’s an increase of 81 percent. ***E*I*G*H*T*Y*-*O*N*E* *P*E*R*C*E*N*T*** Can they… Read more »

The Youth Vote

THE YOUTH VOTE….A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the youth vote in 2006. This led to a few emails back and forth with the folks at CIRCLE, who track this stuff, and a few days ago they released a report about turnout in midterm elections. Basic historical data about youth turnout is… Read more »

The Surge

THE SURGE….The Washington Post reports that the Joint Chiefs of Staff unanimously oppose the idea of “surging” 15-30 thousand troops into Iraq in a last ditch effort to stabilize the country. Why? Because they think the White House is just casting around for plausible-sounding ideas and has no real plan for how to use the… Read more »