CALIFORNIA OR BUST….California legislators have announced plans to move California’s 2008 primary to February 5, just two weeks after the New Hampshire primary. Both parties are in favor, as is Arnold, so it seemingly has a pretty good chance of happening.

I’m all in favor for purely selfish reasons. In 30 years I haven’t cast a single primary vote that mattered, and for once in my life I’d like to have a say. Since I don’t plan to relocate to New Hampshire or South Carolina anytime soon, moving the California primary up is my only chance.

And since Hillary’s announcement is the big news today, it’s probably worth mentioning that this would be pretty helpful to her cause, right? Not only is she pretty popular among the fundraising set here, but she’s one of the few candidates with enough money to seriously contest California and still run decent campaigns in the other early states.

At least, that’s my initial reaction. Am I missing something obvious?