LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA….I saw Letters from Iwo Jima yesterday, and I have a question. Can someone please tell me what the fuss was about?

As a war movie it was tedious. No story arc, no tension, no nothing. Just lots of random shooting back and forth. As a human story, it was cardboard thin. The flashbacks were clumsy and the stories they told were colorless and dull. Hell, Lost does it better. And as a message movie — was it a message movie? — it went nowhere. That is, unless the goal was to demonstrate the pointlessness of war by literally making viewers feel the pointlessness of remaining in their seats.

And a note to Clint Eastwood: subtitle technology has improved since 1925. Using a difficult font that’s hard to read against a bright background does not improve the moviegoing experience.

I know, I know, I have terrible taste. But please, someone tell me what I missed here. How is it that this movie has been received so deliriously by the critical masses?