THE REAL WAR….Atrios asks:

One does wonder why the 101st Fighting Keyboarders aren’t more upset by the fact that George Bush has fucked up their pet war.

OK, I know this is partly tongue in cheek. But as near as I can tell there are real answers:

  1. They don’t believe Bush has fucked up the war. They think that most of the bad news from Iraq is just an invention of the anti-military liberal media.

  2. To the extent that we are doing badly, they think it’s the fault of liberals who are undermining morale by criticizing the war.

  3. Following up on #2, their biggest complaint with Bush isn’t that the war is going badly, but that it isn’t broad enough and brutal enough. If only we’d take the gloves off and stop fighting like liberal pussies, we’d be doing OK.

Yes, this is delusional. But they don’t think it’s Bush who has screwed up their war, it’s liberals. There is nothing that will ever change their minds about this.